Mo, 09/03/2020, 20:00 Uhr

Inside... Gebhard Ullmann

Gebhard Ullmann mit Almut Kühne und Liz Kosack

What started in Willisau during a scholarship in May 2010 and was spontaneously invited to the Jazz Festival in Copenhagen has now released its first CD under the title 'Silver White Archives' on Unit Records. Outstanding reviews, a nomination by the German Record Critics in the category Grenzgänge as well as an invitation to the German Jazz Expo in Bremen are worth mentioning. The fact that Almut Kühne is at the beginning of a great career with this first CD is obvious while listening.
"Voice is more than singing; experiments since the sixties have ensured that. A duo such as that of singer Almut Kühne with woodwind player Gebhard Ullmann therefore no longer has to work against resistance, but can enjoy letting the music run its course. The duo, which has been making music since 2010, plays with the limits of the structural, lets floating textures encounter dramatic pointillisms, the fragmentary encounter swarming; sometimes avant-garde, sometimes fragilely balanced, playing with the possibilities of sound, theatricality and the meaning of signs.” - RD stereo play October
"(...) Then a treasure chest opens up that is unequaled. Especially the intensity of the exchanged notes touches deeply. When Almut Kühne with her versatile voice contrasts the minimalisms played by Gebhard Ullmann on his woodwind instruments, the air crackles with creative tension.” - Jazz'n More CH
"(...) next to a fabulous singer we experience a Gebhard Ullmann in top form, who integrates sample and loop elements close to perfection into his music - all live and without overdubs.” - Rolf Thomas, Jazz Theory
Marbrakeys (plus Achim Kaufmann) (Leo Records)
Silver White Archives (Unit Records)

"Wenn Almut Kühne mit ihrer wandlungsfähigen Stimme die von Gebhard Ullmann auf seinen Holzblasinstrumenten gespielten Minimalismen kontrastiert, knistert die Luft vor kreativer Spannung.“ - Jazz’n More CH

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  • Zig Zag Jazz Club
  • Hauptstraße 89, Berlin