Mo, 02/03/2020, 20:00 Uhr

Inside... Gebhard Ullmann

GULFH of Berlin

Soundresearch Project No. 1:
A lot of things merge in this city. GULF Of Berlin give this special mix a name - they draw from the African-American sources of modern jazz tradition and let free play, energy, humour and a quantum of the indefinable collide. Their strict concept is one hundred percent improvised, the multi-faceted line-up keeps everything in suspense, only on the floor hard practized compositions hit the ground. This is great art - brought together with ease.
In Michael Haves, someone has now been found who, with the flair of a producer, refines the GULFstream in a lively and real-time manner. Without changing the compositional and playful flow, he adds an electronic aura and thus becomes the fifth element of the process.

Musical concept of the quartet GULF of Berlin:
The quartet is a freely improvising ensemble from Berlin. Originally coming from the avant-garde, free jazz and jazz tradition, the band has developed an independent sound, also with elements of contemporary classical music, which is primarily based on melodic and rhythmic transparency. Multi-instrumentation is a stylistic device; the musical focus of the quartet is a compositional demand on the music through improvisation. In short: compositional improvisation and improvisational composing in the best sense of post-free jazz. So far there is one CD release at Jazzwerkstatt Berlin. GULF oF Berlin - "G.O.B. SUITE" (JW135)

GULFH of Berlin

Gebhard Ullmann, tenor saxophone / bass clarinet, bandleader, composition
Gerhard Gschlössl, trombone/sousaphone
Johannes Fink, double bass / cello
Jan Leipnitz, drums

Ursprünglich aus der Avantgarde-, Freejazz und Jazztradition kommend hat sich die Band, auch mit Elementen der zeitgenössischen klassischen Musik, einen eigenständigen Klang erarbeitet, der primär auf melodischer und rhythmischer Transparenz beruht.

  • Pausen: keine Pause; 1 langes Set
  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Einlass: 20 Uhr; Konzertbeginn: 21 Uhr; 1 langes Set
  • Zig Zag Jazz Club
  • Hauptstraße 89, Berlin