Mo, 02/03/2020, 19:30 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Popebama | Rama Gottfried

Worst Behavior #3

Popebama perform duos by Rogers, Pinto, Lyle, and Sullivan, and Rama Gottfried presents his "Scenes from the Plastisphere."


Rama Gottfried, Scenes from the Plastisphere (excerpts)
Erin Rogers, Light-On-Light
Paul Pinto, Hack It!
Jenna Lyle, Technically, Yes
Erin Rogers and Dennis Sullivan, Showdown
Dennis Sullivan, Shedding Waste

RAMA GOTTFRIED, Scenes from the Plastisphere (excerpts) for video-puppetry instrument: Within the ocean’s accumulating zones of plastic debris, a new ecosystem is emerging which scientists have named the plastisphere. This is partly good news, because it seems to suggest that life on Earth will eventuality adapt to incorporate the results of human carelessness; but on the other hand, the resulting ecosystem may not be one which supports life as we know it. Scenes from the Plastisphere depicts a musical theater of imaginary hybrid creatures growing within and around human culture, moving with organic bodies and speaking with digital voices.

POPEBAMA perform five standalone duo works, representing its core composer-performers ERIN ROGERS and DENNIS SULLIVAN, alongside works by New York-based Paul Pinto and Chicago-based Jenna Lyle.

The set will open with the instrumentally virtuosic, electronics-heavy Light-On-Light by Erin Rogers, a programmatic dive into the ocean of mass transit, followed by Paul Pinto's Hack It!, a fiery text-based political commentary for moderate-to-blazing-fast speakers from Pinto's 'Thomas Paine in Violence.'

Jenna Lyle's Technically, Yes shifts things into conversation mode, applying feedback and body language to a noise-based texture, followed by Showdown, a Rogers-and-Sullivan collaborative special, based on a multi-task competition prompted by famous sports calls.

Popebama's set will culminate in a high-energy performance of Shedding Waste by Dennis Sullivan, the duo's hallmark acoustic adventure featuring fast-transitioning sound stacks and unison text recitation.

With a DIY flare and overwhelming vibe, the Popebama stage is set with a visually stimulating series of stations: tables piled high with small instruments and electronics, multiple mixers, stands of varying height, chairs, and miles of cabling.

WORST BEHAVIOUR is a concert series curated by Jess Aszodi and Jessie Marino. Bodies are = to Space. Performance forward. Un-convention(ed) instruments. Talk and talk back. Make risky actions.

  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Doors at 7:30 pm. Concert starts 8:30 pm.
  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin