Katya Abramkina
So, 01/03/2020, 19:00 Uhr


Performance von Michael Rauter/ Bob’s Company

“Ideals of reason tell us how the world should be; experience tells us that it is rarely so. Growing up requires us to confront the gap between the two without giving up one of them.” (Susan Neiman) What does growing up mean in a world in which human maturity seems to be synonymous with surrender and renunciation? In his solo performance, Michael Rauter draws on the thesis held by American philosopher Susan Neiman: Growing up is an individual process of enlightenment, and seeks the state of productive instability between expectation and result, movement and stagnation, fantasy and reality.

Michael Rauter, Konzept, Choreografie, Komposition, Bühne, Licht und Performance
Daniella Strasfogel, Songtexte
Laurent Chétouane, Künstlerische Beratung
Johann Günther, Klangregie

Eine Produktion von Michael Rauter / Bob’s Company. „THE GAP“ ist Teil des Fellowship-Programms #bebeethoven, einem Projekt von PODIUM Esslingen anlässlich des Beethoven-Jubiläums im Jahr 2020, gefördert von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes.


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