Rebecca Lenton
So, 08/03/2020, 18:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert

CoMAFest 2020

Mit KNM campus ensemble, dem Jugendkammerorchester Wedding und Gästen

KNM campus ensemble together with the Jugendkammerorchester Wedding from the Fanny Hensel Musikschule are taking part in this year’s CoMA Festival, celebrating with them and the many CoMA partners the joy of participating in contemporary music making. With events occurring throughout the UK and beyond, there are opportunities to premiere commissioned works. As a grass-roots expression of music making the Festival sets out to empower musicians of all kinds to serve as catalyst and a challenge for what happens next in new music. KNM campus ensemble has invited back old friends and made new ones during this exciting project, bringing together amateur musicians and lovers of contemporary music with young musicians of today.

  • Naomi Pinnock: »Four Humours« Choleric– Melancholia – Phlegmatic – Sanguine (2004)
  • Alexander Campkin: »Counting my Numberless Fingers« (2007)
  • Mauricio Kagel: »12 Märsche um den Sieg zu Verfehlen« Märsche 1-3 (1979)
  • Joanna Bailie: »Hildegardstraße/Bundesallee« (2019)
  • Kate Whitley: »3 Movements« (2019)
  • Astor Piazzola: »Libertango« (1975)

KNM campus ensemble und Jugendkammerorchester Wedding plus Gäste

Rebecca Lenton, Dirigentin und Leitung des KNM campus ensemble
Steffen Höschele, Dirigent und Leitung des JKO Wedding

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