Sa, 21/03/2020, 10:00 Uhr
Diskurs / Workshop

Thinking Together: Discourse & Listening


Thinking Together 2020 looks at a simple and powerful idea: the beginning of the world and indeed time itself. So common and naturalised is this notion, that its particularity, even strangeness, often goes unnoticed. Across times, geographies, and cultures, humans have tried to account for that which we cannot know. Whether creation myths, scientific theories or other cosmogonies – they are governing narratives that not only construct ideas of an origin on a large temporal scale, they also determine our imaginaries, and the way in which we relate to the present and future. These stories contain and reveal their inventors’ relation to the world, their philosophies, desires, assumptions, imaginaries, as well as their politics. And they set boundaries in turn. A world that purportedly has a beginning and an end is a fundamentally different place to inhabit than a world that moves in never-ending cycles of change. The humans inhabiting these respective worlds think, feel, dream and act differently. What asks for our attention is the politics behind the idea that time has a beginning.
Within a global and transhistoric landscape of such narratives, the Judeo-Christian cosmogony stands out in its obsession with constructing a knowable and computable beginning of the world and of time. While early Christianity strived for state power, it was essential for it to claim knowledge and control over time – its beginning as much as its end. Thus grew the vision and experience of a world with an expiry date: the very world Western culture and its mode of living has created. Looking at different ideas and notions of beginning – and of the absence thereof – sharpens our view of the present.
“Of Time Immemorial” is an invitation to think time and origin differently – and thereby open present practices for possible futures.

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  • Haus der Berliner Festspiele
  • Schaperstr. 24, Berlin
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