Di, 24/03/2020, 19:00 Uhr

Here History Began

Tracing the Re/Verberations of Halim El-Dabh Ausstellung / Exhibition

“Here History Began” pays homage to the Egyptian-Ameri- can composer, electronic music pioneer, researcher and teacher Halim El-Dabh (1921–2017). A paramount figure in shaping African and Arab sonic philosophy, El-Dabh’s oeuvre has vanished into oblivion, despite the fact that his impor- tant work spans a period of seventy years and includes one of the earliest works of electroacoustic music, “Taabir El Zaar” (1944). At the beginning of this two-year-long retrospective project, SAVVY Contemporary and Maerz- Musik present an exhibition based on El-Dabh’s immense archive of tapes, scores, letters, texts, photographs and videos. Contemporary transdisciplinary artists and musi- cians have been commissioned to make new pieces, to relate and pay tribute to, get inspired by, and reflect on El-Dabh’s practices and positions within music history and beyond, to deliberate on what contemporary African and Arab soundscapes are today and where they stand within the genealogy and legacy of Pan-Africanism.


  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Dauer der Ausstellung/ Exhibition period: 25.3.–20.4.2020
  • silent green Kulturquartier
  • Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen / kognitive Einschränkungen
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