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Mo, 24/02/2020, 21:00 Uhr
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For Free Hands @ b-flat

Urban Jazz & Fusion

FOR FREE HANDS | Berlin . Sofia . Rom . Montevideo| URBAN JAZZ . FUSION
Andreas Brunn (D) 7 string acoustic guitar, e-guitar | Vladimir Karparov (BG) soprano & tenor saxophon
Diego Piñera (UY) drums, percussion | Roberto Badoglio (IT) e-bass | | | |

Meanwhile, a new high level line up has been constituted by the Echo (German Jazz price) winner Diego Piñera (UY) on the drums and Roberto Badoglio (I) on the bass, who studied in New York with Matthew Garrison. Vladimir Karparov (BG) play sax and Andreas Brunn (D) 7-string acousticguitar & e-guitar.

Christian Erber NDR : “ ... Europe is comming together and this quartet from Berlin is providing the soundtrack . For Free Hands combine modern jazz arrangements with the traditional sounds and rhythms of the Balkans. “Kaleidoscope Freedom“ is the title of their fourth album. Because “there is no freedom without mutual understandment” says the band quoting the French philosopher Albert Camus.

JAZZPODIUM: “Andreas Brunn is a dedicated guitarist and composer, reconciling divisions and taking clear inspiration from the East, especially Bulgaria. (…) The track “Perpetuum five” is an electrified mix of post-bop, edge, anger, madness and jazz. Karparov’s playing is lively and striking: in the slightly uncomfortable “Magic Friday” his tendency to occasional lyricism and Brunn’s occasional sudden outburts provide an exciting contrast.”

Modernícolas: FOR FREE HANDS @ MALAGA JAZZ FESTIVAL: “... a New Way of understanding Jazz ... Synergy is the word to define this Berlin quartet. For Free Hands represents contemporary jazz: dissonant sounds grow into beautiful melodies that hang over a richly varied rhythmic pattern. This impressive quartet unite different cultures with their music to create a hard-hitting album.”

JAZZ Thing: “Those who can count have a clear advantage, something For Free Hands demonstrate with their varying time signatures: 5/8, 7/8 & 13/16 are just some of the rhythmic fabrics that together form the multicultural Berlin-based quartet FOR FREE HANDS on their new CD “Kaleidoscope Freedom”, and it consisently surprises the listener with its twists and turns.
Biographical references also play a central role, with the Berlin Wall an evident presence. However biography and identity are not all that matter: the band’s self-confidence drives the various facets of electrified jazz and charges of energy – also crucial is their clear joy in playing.” Stephan Hentz

For Free Hands

Vladimir Karparov, soprano & tenor saxophon
Roberto Badoglio, e-bass
Andreas Brunn, guitars, composer, bandleader

2018 hatte sich eine neue Besetzung mit dem Echopreisträger Diego Piñera (UY) am Schlagzeug und Roberto Badoglio (I) konstituiert, welcher in NY bei Matthew Garrison studierte, An den Saxofonen Vladimir Karparov und an den Gitarren Andreas Brunn.

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  • b-flat
  • Dircksenstraße 40, Berlin
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