Simon Løffler and Jennifer Torrence
Mi, 15/01/2020, 19:30 Uhr
Komponierte Musik

Jennifer Torrence & Simon Løffler

Worst Behaviour #2

Worst Behaviour #2

Simon Løffler and Jennifer Torrence perform works by Jeppe Virenfeldt Ernst, Liza Lim, and Simon Løffler.

Doors at 19:30. Concert starts at 20:30.

With great pleasure and excitement and uproars of anticipation from all corners of the Hauptbahnhof, Jennifer Torrence and Simon Løffler arrive in Berlin to present a MORALE BOOSTERING SHOWMANSHIP CONCERT PERFORMANCE EVENT, virtuosically almost exclusively revolving around ONE single bodily organ: The mouth (0)!

4 pieces of music, selected orally, seek to explore musically, performatively, orificely, and showmanshiply the expressive potential of this mother of all liminal thresholds through which the living species push their interiority into atmospheric extinction: THE mOuth (0)!

Simon Løffler, Graduale
Jeppe Virenfeldt Ernst, Choral (Etude III)
Liza Lim, An elemental thing
Simon Løffler, Diomedeidae

performed by Jennifer Torrence and Simon Løffler ( (0)! )

Simon Løffler is a composer whose works range from very intimate set-ups to egnimatic constructions, embracing traditional instruments (transformed in various ways) as well as novel instrumental concepts.

Jennifer Torrence is an Oslo-based percussionist, performer, researcher specializing in contemporary music.

Made possible with support from Music Norway and Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Worst Behaviour is a concert series curated by Jess Aszodi and Jessie Marino.

  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Doors at 19:30. Concert starts at 20:30.
  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin