Samuel Dunscombe
Fr, 24/01/2020, 19:30 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Samuel Dunscombe

Samuel Dunscombe presents two recent compositions: Outside Ludlow (Desert Disco) and Eternities Return

Doors at 19:30. Concert starts at 20:30.

Outside Ludlow (Desert Disco)
Based on fragments of quarter-inch tape found in the Mojave Desert (most likely having blown over from Ludlow or Siberia, two neighbouring ghost towns), this work uses field recordings, analogue and digital synthesis, instrumental recording, and tape manipulation to create a 30 minute desert-scape.

Eternities Return
Eternities Return is a work for 7,000+ sine waves diffused across a multi-channel speaker system. This work uses Horatiu Radulescu’s compositional theory of ’Sound Plasma’ to create a 45 minute, constantly-shifting-yet-ultimately-static mass of sound.

SAMUEL DUNSCOMBE is a performer-composer specialzing in the use of clarinets, computers, and microphones. Samuel is interested in work that explores the multi-dimensional perception of time, which has drawn him to areas including improvisation, the performance of complex-notated repertoire, field recording, audio engineering, and live electronic performance.

Recordings of his music have been released by Another Timbre (UK), Editions Wandelweiser (DE), Ftarri (JP), and Marginal Frequency (USA), among others.

He has given artist talks, guest lectures, and conference presentations at the Sound of Memory Symposium (Goldsmiths, UK), Oberlin College (Ohio), Musashino Art University (Tokyo), Hearing Landscapes Critically (Harvard University), Affective Habitus (ANU, Australia), RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia), Dortmund Technical University, and CALIT2 IDEAS (San Diego, USA).

He is also the archivist and assistant to the editor of the Horatiu Radulescu Archives and Lucero Print in Daillens (CH), where his revisions of Radulescu’s works for clarinet are currently in preparation for publication.

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