Sa, 18/01/2020, 19:30 Uhr
Konzert / Performance

The Mouthfeel, Edition No. 2

The Mouthfeel is a series of events that explore poetry, narrative, and lecture within the expanded palette of experimental music and sound. Edition No. 2 features performances by Antje Vowinckel, Kathi Hofer, Luci Dayhew, Nathan Gray, and T. Kowalski.

Early start time of 20:00!
Doors at 19:30.

Internationally awarded radio artist Antje Vowinckel presents Tuning Butterflies, an electroacoustic voice composition with dialect melodies and live text performance.

Artist and writer Kathi Hofer performs materials that indulge in her penchant for fables, myths, and urban legends, as part of her ongoing enquiry into acts of female creativity as both empowering and exploitive force.

Nathan Gray’s works use the voice as their medium, taking form as lecture-performances, radio-plays, narrative, and rumour. For Edition No. 2 of The Mouthfeel, Gray presents a collection of electro-acoustic fictions.

Lucinda Dayhew is an artist working with concrete and ephemeral rhythmic objects. Pearls of fiction, fact, and fantasy on the topic of coconuts as both sound objects and rootless circumnavigators of the globe will roll from Dayhew's tongue.

T.Kowalski is a painter, DJ, and musician who runs the experimental music label Alicjia, a label specialising in experimental audiobooks, sound poetry and other voice phenomena. He presents a set of sounds from the human mouth. This performane also serves as the launch for a new cassette release by Throat Mask, a collection of interrupted utterances, roughly improvised synthesizer, and randomised digital provocations that evoke the vocal tract.

About The Mouthfeel:

The mouth and its constituent parts - the tongue, the lips, throat, and vocal cords - create a myriad of noises. The most useful of these are the noises that signify by attaching themselves to objects, actions, and concepts. This system of sonic signification (or words in other words) is complex, fragile, and eminently open to ruptures. There are words that don’t make sounds, sounds that don’t form words, words that don’t make meanings, and meanings that don’t make sense.

By coming together as a group of artists who use language but work variously with writing, lecture, poetry, and sound, we position ourselves intentionally along this rupture. By framing these various practices within a context usually reserved for music, we remake words as noises once more, because, though they exist silently on pages and screens, for those that hear, words will always have a sonic aspect.

The Mouthfeel, Edition No. 2 is presented as part of CTM Vorspiel 2020.

  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Doors at 19:30. Concert starts at 20:00.