Sa, 05/10/2019 - Fr, 25/10/2019
Klangkunst / Sound Art / Longplay

Carried Bells

Carried Bells is a new, process-based work by Kovács/O’Doherty, in which sounds and images of a series of ringing church bells are recorded, in a repeating daily task. These sounds and images are then brought together in a central installation, which grows by one bell each day, over the course of the presentation of the work. Carried Bells assembles traces that are derived from the sounds of the city — exploring acoustic phenomena, social history, and the potential of public space.

The first presentation of Carried Bells will be at Hošek Contemporary in Berlin, in October 2019, with recordings and photographs of bells from twenty locations in the urban centre of Berlin.

Vernissage: Saturday, 5. October 2019, 7pm
Finissage: Friday, 25., October 2019, 7pm

The work can be visited daily at Hošek Contemporary from October 5. to 25. inclusive. During this time, the installation will grow through the addition of sounds and images of one new bell each day. On October 24. the last bell will be brought to Hošek Contemporary, where the complete installation can be visited, until the Finissage the following day.

Details about the daily routes and bells will be posted online throughout the duration of the work. Those who are interested can also join the daily walk through the city.


  • Hošek Contemporary
  • MS Heimatland, Nähe Fischerinsel 3, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Eintritt frei/Free entrance