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Do, 10/10/2019, 19:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Diskurs / Konzert / Performance

Future Soundscapes Festival - Opening Night

Still Be Be Here / Jemma Woolmore / Robert Barry

What does the future sound like? Future Soundscapes invites you on an audiovisual trip through time: Over the four days of the festival, artists from the realms of music, media art and sound art explore the past and present of science fiction sound in pop culture, music and cinema.
Their contributions vary from dystopian film soundtracks and posthuman sound installations to experimental electronic music that thrusts forward into uncharted aural territory. Workshops and talks delve into the history and the aesthetics of futuristic sound, as well as contemporary sound phenomena, tracing the path of acoustic clichés and searching for sound future proposals in between dystopia and utopia.
19:00, silent green Kuppelhalle
Free Entry
Opening Lecture
We tend to hear the new, the strange, and the other before we see it. For as long as utopia has been a place distant in time rather than space, it has been conceived as a city of sound, a paradise of ubiquitous musics. Today, it might seem as if we have achieved precisely this: music all the time, everywhere. Yet somehow a trip to my local shopping mall does not feel quite like the Eden I was promised. Somewhere along the line, something must have gone wrong…
20:00, silent green Kuppelhalle
Free Entry
Dome Projection
Of Fragile Things is an investigation into the multiple and fragile connections between living and non-living systems. Created specifically for the dome ceiling at silent green, this piece takes the form of an audio-visual journey weaving together dark soundscapes from recordings of electromagnetic fields, singing ice scapes and a chorus of lost voices together with a bright and glistening visual world.
21:00, silent green Betonhalle
Ticket, 15,70€
"Still Be Here" is a unique collaborative performance that draws us into the multiplying realities of a 21st Century pop star, and traces the dynamics at play between fans, corporations and social desires. Since her 2007 launch in Japan, Hatsune Miku (whose name means “first sound of the future”) has become the ultimate pop star, developed from a vocal synthesizer product into a globally adored cyber celebrity. "Still Be Here" explores and deconstructs Hatsune Miku as the crystallisation of collective desires, embodied in the form of a teal-haired virtual idol, forever 16.
Commissioned and produced by CTM Festival and transmediale - festival for art and digital culture, in collaboration with Donaufestival, Barbican and Metal. This work features an adaption of Hatsune Miku, © Crypton Future Media, Inc. 2007, licensed under a CC BY-NC:

  • Dauer: 3h
  • silent green Kulturquartier
  • Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: motorische Einschränkungen