Anna Witzel
Sa, 30/11/2019, 20:00 Uhr
Improvisation / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

LUX und LEDs


With compositions and improvisations the ensemble LUX: NM creates an evening that deals with the musical representation of empathy in our time
apart sets.
The 30-minute work "hautwärts" by Eres Holz forms the centerpiece of the evening. It juxtaposes solo and ensemble passages and thus tries to break the wall of empathy and loneliness in western industrialized societies. The musical progression is supported by a lighting concept that addresses the individual to the group.
Part 2 is initially devoted to immediate empathic access via electronic means
and analogue improvisation in a new work by Jan Brauer (Brand Brauer Frick). Daniel Brandt (Brandt Brauer Frick) sets the two in his subsequent composition
"Worlds" consciously in relationship to each other again. He goes out of immediacy
and gives electronics the role of sound base on which the analog instruments of the
Ensemble LUX: NM acting freely, in the best sense with her in a possibly new
Form of empathy completely merge.

  • Eres Holz: »hautwärts« (2018, UA)
  • Jan Brauer/LUX:NM: »neues Werk« (2019, UA)
  • Daniel Brandt/LUX:NM: »neues Werk« (2019, UA)


Ruth Velten, Saxophon
Florian Juncker, Posaune
Silke Lange, Akkordeon
Vitaliy Kyianytsia, Klavier
Zoé Cartier, Violoncello
Martin Offik, Klangregie
Jan Brauer, Sounddesign

LUX:NM kreiert zusammen mit Eres Holz, Jan Brauer und Daniel Brandt einen Abend mit Kompositionen und Improvisationen, der sich mit der musikalischen Darstellung von Empathiefähigkeit in unserer Zeit auseinandersetzt

  • Dauer: 02:00h, Pausen: ja
  • Villa Elisabeth
  • Invalidenstraße 3, Berlin