Fr, 07/02/2020, 21:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Elektronische Musik / Improvisation / Konzert

Muddy Grease

MUDDY GREASE is a moving beast. Beats, soundscapes and intense improvisations outline this quintets shared vision of where music can go. The core always being a beautiful melody and a deep groove.
MUDDY GREASE takes you with them in a musical vortex, and leaves you with a euphoric experience."
Bas Wijnans - Saxophone (soprano & tenor)

Hanna van Dijk - Keyboards & Synth
Boudewijn Pleij - Keyboardss & Synth
Thijs van Zutphen - Bass en Bass-Synth
Aron Smit - Drums

"Super groovy and atmospherical Electro Jazz from Utrecht, The Netherlands!

  • Peppi Guggenheim
  • Weichselstr. 7, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Spende