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A Tree’s Wood is also its Memoire | James Aylward, Fagott

Unerhörte Musik

“Images came to me in a dream: I saw a dead tree with desiccated bark and as I watched, the cracks and hollows filled with insects and larvae. Birds began feeding and breeding until the whole tree was a singing mass of fluttering creatures.” (Liza Lim introducing Axis Mundi)

This quote (and the title which is from American geochemist , Hope Jahren) describes very well the image I want to bring to this bassoon recital. The main theme is challenging one’s idea of how a bassoon, a long wooden tube punctuated by a great number of holes and keys, can sound. (3 pieces reference the idea of wood in the title) 4 of the pieces are very concentrated in the use extended techniques, each example quite different. Katzer’s piece from 1982 was written to utilise a lot of the extended techniques catalogued by the bassoonist Dieter Hähnchen and this forms an interesting contrast to the 3 more modern apporaches by Billone, Lim and Ronneau all written in close collaboration with different bassoonists (and a lot of personal study in Billone’s case).

  • Enno Poppe: »Holz« für Fagott solo (1999/2005)
  • Jesse Ronneau: »Portée« für Fagott solo (2012, DE)
  • Liza Lim: »Axis Mundi« für Fagott solo (2012/2013)
  • Georg Katzer: »Pezzo per fagotto« (1982)
  • Pierluigi Billone: »Legno. Edre. IV Manda« für Fagott solo (2003)
  • Hanan Hadzajlic: »Concerto Transh (Youman)« for bassoon and bass drum (2017, c)

James Aylward, Fagott und Bass drum


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