Markus Berdux
So, 22/09/2019, 18:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Diskurs / Konzert

recorder evolution III - The new potential of a 21st century recorder

lecture recital

Since its beginnings in the 14th century, the recorder has been undergoing a constant process of transformation as it continually weaves itself into the musical tapestry of the changing times. The variety of designs it has taken throughout history has given us the possibility of working not only with historical instruments, but also with contemporary recorder models. However, the picture is not what one would expect. Copies of historical instruments are still predominantly used for all musical forms and styles, and Susanne Fröhlich works to answer the questions: to which degree can contemporary recorder models enrich the contemporary repertoire, add to the catalogue of available playing techniques, and expand recorder performance practice to fulfil the new challenges and demands of contemporary music.
"recorder evolution" is a concert series at Acker Stadt Palast Berlin, which premiered in September 2017. In the third and last part Susanne Fröhlich presents the results of her artistic-academic research project with a tense program in the format of a moderated concert, which is dedicated to the multi-faceted and virtuoso playing of one particular recorder model: the Helder Tenor.

  • Wolfram Schurig: »Common landscapes« (2002/2018, UA)
  • Kathrin A. Denner: »engrave V« (2017)
  • Peter Bruun: »Seagull Dreams« (2019, DEA)

Susanne Fröhlich, Blockflöte
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Klarinette
Matthias Engler, Schlagwerk

Im letzten Teil ihrer Trilogie präsentiert Susanne Fröhlich ein spannungsgeladenes Programm im Format eines moderierten Konzertes, das sich dem facettenreichen und virtuosen Spiel eines bestimmten Blockflötenmodells widmet: dem Helder Tenor.

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