Christian Wolz 2019
Sa, 07/09/2019, 20:30 Uhr
Improvisation / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Konzert

moving structures II

Improvisation für Stimme, Mikrofone und Computer

Structures are arrangements of a whole to each other, a structure consisting of parts that depend mutually on each other. Wolz creates his own musical structures, which consist of basic sounds and pre-programmed effects, include material from the first concert and were prepared as compositional sketches.
In three sessions of this concert of improvisation, the structures are taken apart, moved, shifted and equipped with new elements that arise from the moment and thus form new structures and soundscapes. Wolz creates the tonal dimension almost exclusively through his voice in combination and interaction with electro-acoustic means, such as microphones and computers.
In each follow-up concert, elements from previous concerts in this series are included.
Wolz plays with his voice in the most extreme variants. From onomatopoeia to classical singing, the interplay of abstract sound experiences and pictorial associations creates imaginative sound structures - the structures are in motion. The first concert of this series was performed on November 23 at the Exploratorium Berlin.

  • Christian Wolz: »moving structures II« Konzertreihe für Improvisation (2018-2019 / UA: 23. November 2018)

Christian Wolz, Stimme und Computer, Vokalkunst

Christian Wolz setzt mit diesem Improvisationskonzert seine Reihe moving structures fort. Dabei erzeugt Wolz die klangliche Dimension fast ausschließlich durch seine Stimme in Kombination 
und Interaktion mit elektroakustischen Mitteln.

  • Dauer: 01:00h
  • Acker Stadt Palast
  • Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit