Foto Credit (c) Neven Petrovic, Jasna Miletic, Joel Brindefalk, Ernst Grünwald
So, 23/06/2019, 19:00 Uhr
Performance / Echtzeitmusik / Improvisation

SOUNDANCE Festival 2019

Offene Plattform

Offene Plattform
Aus 114 internationalen Bewerbungen ausgewählt, zeigt erstmals die Offene Plattform vier kurze Stücke
Me, Viola and I
Nastasja Štefanić – Dance/Choreography/Concept/Viola
Emese Csornai – Light
Co-production: Zagreb Dance Center
The moment the instrument meets a living body it becomes alive itself, and it remains alive with the help of the sound that is produced in this process and that fills the space between the two. By playing with a hybrid form of solo-duet, the author opens up to the viewer, she questions her own self, her musical and dancing self. This is a solo as a reminiscence of a duet, a union with another body, a contact with an inanimate object but also an act of liberation through the exhaustion of her own physical body.
Postcards from the Labyrinth
Etoile Chaville – Voice/Movement
Julian Datta – Six string banjo
Emese Csornai – Light
In a given space-time-framework, a piece of art creates itself, a unique blend of embodied poetry, absurd beauty, emotional intensity, and architectural geometry. Breaking down choreography, composition, and narrative into their building blocks, Chaville and Datta let their imaginations use these as tools to process memories and sensations. Their instant compositions appear to be distorted versions of the world we live in.
Anna Westberg – Dance
Nina de Heney – Contrabass
Emese Csornai – Light
Dancer Anna Westberg and double-bassist Nina de Heney have collaborated as a duo for twenty years. Anna always wanted to be a musician. Nina wanted to be a dancer. In the embrace of this duo, they stay with their original practices. Being close in this way fulfills a need, while expanding the understanding of what is what, anyway.
Improvisation is at the core of their work.
Dance’nBass is also a festival initiated by Anna and Nina. Since 2008 they have invited dancers and bassists to explore the specific connection between these resonating bodies.
Did U Hear
Howool Baek – Choreography/Dance
Matthias Erian – Composition/Live-interpretation
Emese Csornai – Light
Koproduktion: im_flieger Wien
Did U Hear is the physical and sound interpretation of the poem The rose that grew from concrete, written by 2PAC.
It focuses on expression of the body – except the face – and represents the poem through the back view of the informal body form, individual body expression and abstract movement. In addition to the image that is visually detected on the stage, the sound delivers physical experience through the surround sound system.
The SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin presents, encourages and initiates cooperative projects between dancer-choreographers and musicians from Berlin’s independent scene as well as international guest artists. As a platform for works of contemporary dance, real-time music, improvisation and related performance arts, SOUNDANCE provides an impulse for dialogue between genres, remains open for experimentation, supports both analog and electronic, and embraces a non-hierarchical artistic approach with multiple artistic generations in one program.
Day and evening programs are open to all interested participants and are wheelchair accessible.
Additional assistance is available on site throughout the festival as needed.
SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin is a project from b.arts.u – berlin arts united
in cooperation with DOCK11.
SOUNDANCE 2019 is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
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  • : »Me, Viola and I«

Nastasja Štefanić, Tanz/Choreografie/Konzept/Viola
Emese Csornai, Licht

Me, viola and I ist ein Solo und doch ein Duett, eine Vereinigung mit einem anderen Körper, ein Kontakt mit einem unbelebten Objekt, ebenso wie ein Akt der Befreiung durch die Erschöpfung ihres eigenen physischen Körpers.

  • : »Postcards from the Labyrinth«

Julian Datta, Six-String-Banjo
Etoile Chaville, Stimme/Bewegung
Emese Csornai, Licht

Choreografie, Komposition und Narrativ werden von Chaville und Datta in ihre Bauteile zergliedert, um ihren Imaginationen dann zum Prozessieren von Erinnerungen und Eindrücken als Werkzeuge dienen zu können.

  • : »Dance’nBass«

Nina de Heney, Kontrabass
Anna Westberg, Tanz
Emese Csornai, Licht

Anna wollte immer eine Musikerin sein, Nina eine Tänzerin. Der jeweils anderen Kunstform in der Verbindung/Umarmung im Duo nah zu sein, erfüllt dieses Bedürfnis und erweitert zugleich das Verständnis dafür, was was ist.

  • : »Did U Hear«

Matthias Erian, Komposition/Live-Interpretation
Howool Baek, Choreografie/Tanz
Emese Csornai, Licht

Did U Hear ist eine Körper- und Klanginterpretation des Gedichts The rose that grew from concrete, geschrieben von 2PAC.

  • Dauer: 2:00h, Pausen: 00:15
  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: 4 Stücke von 4 Ensembles
  • Dock11
  • Kastanienallee 79, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: Barrierefrei, Rollstuhlgerecht zugänglich
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen / Hörbehinderung / kognitive Einschränkungen
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