Frank Schemmann
Sa, 11/05/2019, 21:15 Uhr
Konzert / Improvisation



The opposite of fake goes by the name of PHILM. The Berlin quartet is bang on trend. No irony, no references, no intellectual theatrics, just sound and technique. The group shows little interest in postmodernism. They prefer to shine as a group rather than a collection of individuals. Instead of concentrating on association and deconstruction, they focus on creativity and sharing. How old-fashioned! How revolutionary! The music of PHILM is tight and fast and still has plenty of space; it is also allows to float or fade away. It doesn't scream at you for no particular reason. It wraps you tightly in its very own peculiar beauty.


Philipp Gropper, Tenorsaxophon
Elias Stemeseder, Piano
Robert Landfermann, Kontrabass
Oliver Steidle, Schlagzeug

  • Monarch
  • Skalitzer Str. 134, Berlin