Mi, 09/01/2019, 20:00 Uhr
Konzert / Echtzeitmusik / Improvisation / Klangkunst / Sound Art


Saxophon, Theremin und Daxophon

AEAEA is a trio consisting of three melody instruments: the saxophone, the theremin and the daxophone. While the saxophone is well known nowadays, the theremin and the daxophone are rather obscure musical instruments. The sounds they produce often seem to be quite out of this world: they are ethereal, sometimes stunningly similar to the human voice, sometimes resembling animal sounds, they are hypnotic, bewitching and sometimes rather ghostly. As is the music of AEAEA. In their improvisations, the three musicians use the possibilities of their instruments to the fullest and convince with their imaginative melodic improvisations and enchanting sound experiments. In spite of the obvious differences of these three instruments in construction and sound production, the fact that all three instruments have a similar pitch, a similar range, and often also a similar timbre creates an unexpected musical kinship. Three different voices - one musical world.

Andrew Levine, Theremin
Andreas Krennerich, Sopran- und Baritonsaxophon
Kriton Beyer, Daxophon


  • Dauer: 01:00h
  • Acker Stadt Palast
  • Ackerstra├če 169/170, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: motorische Einschr├Ąnkungen