Luísa Dória
Di, 11/04/2023 - Mi, 12/04/2023
Konzert / Performance

Buck Passing

A sound-theatre performance on the intertwining of global north and south in the production of environmental crimes.

Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices – ICNISP invites the poet Angélica Freitas and the film director Sina Ataeian Dena for “Buck-Passing”, a sound-theatre performance and a multimedia installation. 
The artists combine instrumental techniques, refined satire and chroma keying to address the intertwining of global north and south in producing criminal environmental disasters. 

Marina Cyrino: concept, amplified flute. (ICNISP)
Matthias Koole: guitar electronics. (ICNISP)
Angélica Freitas: text, performance.
Sina Ataeian Dena: live video editing, video.

Buck-Passing is funded by Musikfonds e.V. by means of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

  • Dauer: 00:50h
  • Morphine Raum
  • Köpenicker Str. 147, 10997 Berlin , Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: 10