Park Seung Won, Hunter Adams
Do, 06/04/2023, 20:30 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Lucy Liyou | Nick Zanca

Lucy Liyou (voice, piano) tours their new album Dog Dreams (개꿈), with Nick Zanca (electronics).

Nick Zanca, solo set for voice, laptop, electronics, guitar

April 6 | Doors 20:00 | Concert 20:30
KM28 | Karl-Marx-Straße 28, Berlin

LUCY LIYOU synthesizes field recordings, text-to-speech readings, poetry, and elements from Korean folk opera into sonic narratives that explore the implications of Orientalism and westernization. Though their music reflects the work of genres such as post-industrial and musique-concrète, Liyou is influenced by audiobooks as well as music from the Impressionist period and Neoclassical period.

Combining these disparate sonic elements into critically cohesive pieces, the musical world of Lucy Liyou alternates between beautiful serenity and unsettling entropy. Gorgeous bits of neoclassical music fragment into decaying shards, voices get warped beyond recognition, and shimmering light makes way for bit-crushed noise.

NICK ZANCA is a composer, record producer, and writer. His sonic work spans the idioms of songcraft, synthesis, sound collage, and electroacoustic improvisation. He began releasing work under the alias Mister Lies in 2012, a production project he began as a student in Chicago, which reached a conscious conclusion after three full-length albums and several singles. He currently leads the band Quiet Friend and is an editor at Reverb. He has also collaborated with Wendy Eisenberg, Lucy Liyou, More Eaze, Aleksa Palladino, KNOWER, and PARTYNEXTDOOR among others.

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  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin