Maximilian Goedecke
Do, 30/03/2023, 18:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Musiktheater / Oper


PASSAGIERE Musiktheater-Theaterensemble PAPILLONS

PASSAGIEREN is based on interviews and 'finds' of the mostly demented older actors. The cultural memory of a dwindling generation may become present for children and viewers. A sounding memory laboratory is created. The intergenerational, inclusive music theater production sees itself as a model for an open, empathetic society, but also as a way of destigmatizing dementia and counteracting the taboo of death. The work of the PAPILLONS has already achieved considerable publicity in the “F2 Theater in the Nursing Home”. The production is a continuation of the previously purely virtual, successful work with the children from the elementary school in the Rütli Berlin-Neukölln campus.

  • Live Musik/Komposition: Boris Bergmann

Im Zwischenreich von Tod und Jenseits warten 11 Engel auf 9 Hochaltrige. Jeder Engel bringt ein Objekt, um sich mit ‚seinem Passagier' an den glücklichsten Moment aus der Kindheit zu erinnern.

  • F2 Theater im Pflegewohnheim
  • Fidicinstraße 2, Berlin