Do, 09/03/2023, 19:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Konzert / Performance

New-jazz performance by Ukrainian artists @PANKE

Ratmir Bilodid and Pavlo Halchenko + DJ set by Passionfruit

Ratmir and Pavlo will bring to Berlin their music, coming from the niche scene of Ukrainian new-jazz, trip-hop, soul and jazzy art-pop straight from the cultural fortpost of Ukraine — Kyiv. Ratmir and Pavlo will bring their collaboration of live programs, full of existential pop or lazy sexy jazzy psychedelic mixture. Soul songs by Ratmir Bilodid having cosmic sex with hiphoppy beats with trumpet in Pavlo Halchenko robotic hands. Indietronica vibes, romantics from 70-80th, mixed with philosophical reflections and immersive trip into jazz soundscapes.
Become a part of series of events, which explore modern Ukrainian jazz:
on 9th of March, Ratmir and Pavlo will perform in “Panke”, supported by groovy selection in the DJ set of Passionfruit.
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Ratmir Bilodid — composer from Kyiv, with a deep sounding cinematic jazz harmonies, honest soulful vocals, acoustic sunny spring guitars and vision of meta pop music. His intention is to make a happening, an emotional connection between a mystic musician and casual listener.
“Wide open eyes, it's a tradition on my concerts” — he admits.
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Pavlo Halchenko — composer, performer and trumpet player from Kyiv in genres of new-jazz and hip-hop. Sitting and writing music in Ukraine while all this horrific war is happening made him understand that when there is no more possibility to speak, you start to sing and he translate his complexity of feelings through his voice - trumpet. Pavlo is a founder of TREBA: quartet and organizer of fundraising jazz evenings in Kyiv.
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