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So, 18/03/2018, 12:00 Uhr

Time Wars, Thinking Together-Konferenz Teil 2

MaerzMusik - Festival für Zeitfragen

With Marc Couroux, Orit Halpern, Rana Issa, Yassin al Haj Saleh, Helge Jordheim, Maurizio Lazzarato, Timothy Morton and others

Temporalities are at war. Less tangible, perhaps, than today’s countless material and immaterial conflicts, but no less real. The systemic temporal violence unleashed by turbocapitalism; the proliferation of non-human, digital time; the slow violence of environmental degradation; the relentless speeds and spans of media attention; the terror of a permanent state of exception in the name of a mutated warfare without end; the dispossessed temporalities of migration – these are but some of the time-related forces operating at present.
Thinking Together 2018 proposes to probe the current state of affairs through the lens of time by collectively considering what today’s “beings in time” experience on a daily basis, exposed as they are to diverging and colliding temporal forces: flexibilization, fragmentation and the maxing out of capacities; time horizons shrunk, stretched and warped; the vertigo of reciprocal speed and slowness; the loss of temporal claim and agency.
Maybe more than ever, time – as a political category – is of the essence when it comes to learning to read through, past and within the erratic commotions of the present.
“Thinking Together” is a discourse format dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of time in its socio-political, philosophical and artistic dimensions. It provides a space for transdisciplinary exchange, collective learning and unlearning. Freely accessible, the project is a contact zone between audiences, festival artists and international guests.
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