Hollis Taylor, Milana Zarić, Bärbel Schnellen
Do, 30/03/2023, 20:00 Uhr
Improvisation / Diskurs / Konzert

Jon Rose & Richard Barrett / Colophony

Sound & Lecture N° 21

Colophony is a hard core improvising trio of Jon Rose, Richard Barrett, and Meinrad Kneer. They first played together as a trio in early June 2012 in Berlin. Instantly they decided to go on working together in this trio setting. The high energy and intensity of their interplay and the spontaneous interweaving of strings and electronics give them a unique voice and place within the genre of free improvised music. The acute sensitivity to timbre and form brought to the music by all three performers produces a music which can explore meticulously the microscopic life inside a texture, or veer between fine nuances and rough collisions of sounds almost instantaneously.

The sound of the group is determined by amplified strings and samples of string instruments manipulated by Richard Barrett. He and Jon Rose met in the 1990s at STEIM, Amsterdam, where they were both working on interactive software to incorporate in their concerts. Rose had by then developed a functional interactive violin bow and Barrett was combining his interests as a “new complexity” composer with the role of a performing improviser. They both utilized a recently developed piece of STEIM software called LISA.

Before the concert, Barrett and Rose will deliver two short lectures on their practices dealing primarily with the nuts and bolts of developing a personal language and the building of specific virtual and acoustic instruments to accommodate and facilitate that process.

Gesprächs-Gäste: Jon Rose & Richard Barrett

Jon Rose, Gast
Richard Barrett, Gast
Mathias Maschat, Moderation


Richard Barrett, Elektronik
Meinrad Kneer, Kontrabass


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  • Mehringdamm 55 (Sarotti-Höfe), 10961 , Berlin
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