Foto: Oscar Ribas Torres
Di, 04/04/2023, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik / Konzert / Performance


Unerhörte Musik

With Cyborg Music we intend exploring alternatives to some Object categories well established within Contemporary musical practice, partly inherited from the nineteenth-century classical tradition. Some of these alternatives may lead to new practices which, due to the use of technological inclusions, could give rise to a transhumanist turn in the western musical tradition. We wonder about the possible benefits and dangers of emerging technologies in our field, some of which are already overcoming fundamental human limitations, enhancing the musicians ́ aural, motor and cognitive capabilities.

  • Marko Ciciliani: »Eleven rooms« for saxophone quartet, multimedia performer, video and electronics (2021, DE)
  • Alessandro Perini: »Three studies for two voices« for two performers (2017)
  • Pedro González Fernández: »Fluid Engine« for saxophone quartet, movement and electronics (2018, DE)
  • Marisol Jiménez: »Sed Libera« for saxophone quartet and electronic performer (2022, DE)


Jesús Gallardo Nieto, Saxophones, performance
Javier Juanals Márquez, Saxophones, performance
Pablo González Balaguer, Saxophones, performance
Pedro González Fernández, Multimedia, composition, performance
Carlos Tena González, Multimedia, saxophones, performance

  • BKA-Theater
  • Mehringdamm 34, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: BKA-Theater | Mehringdamm 34, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen
  • Ticketpreis: 9.- / 13.- Euro
  • Kartenvorbestellung: 20 22 007
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