Mi, 15/03/2023, 20:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Konzert


Sheik Anorak is a solo project by Frank Garcia based in Gothenburg, Sweden. His current program is a heavy repetitive music built on polyrhythms, drones and a personal way of playing drums. Sometimes compared to Goat (japan), Nissenenmondai (japan) or even Steve Reich (us), Frank proceeds with his own take on repetitive electronic/acoustic music. Sheik Anorak plays in bands like Neige Morte, Totale Eclipse, -1, Berget and a bunch more. He also improvised/ recorded with Weasel Walter, Mario Rechtern, Steve Noble, Colin Webster, etc.

In his live sets Guido Möbius creates delicate links between experimentation, handmade techno, funk, polyrhythmic patterns, acid, weird noises and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into a coherent set, and Möbius deals with the energy on the fly. Failures and restarts are constant companions and sources of inspiration. At times, Möbius piles up loops of vocal-, trumpet- or guitar-sounds into a mighty drone whose gravity is interrupted abruptly by a driving beat or a gospel choir.


  • Arkaoda
  • Karl Marx Platz 16, Berlin