Keyvisual Shooting Vinyago (c) 2021, Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe
Do, 08/12/2022, 19:00 Uhr
Musiktheater / Oper / Performance


Tanz jenseits kolonialer Biografien

Vinyago (Mask in Swahili) combines the elements exhibition, dance, music and videoart to an room-filling, immersive installation. Thereby, the East African mask collection of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin serves as a starting point for questions on memory, colonialism and white supremacy. Objects that were initially used in a spiritual, performative context are now interpreted as captives of scientific practice - sterilised, categorised and locked away from human interaction.
In this project, dancers and musicians from Tanzania interact with these objects in a space that comes with its own burden: The Humboldt Forum is considered the architectural and institutional symbol of nationalism, whiteness and imperialism by many in this project. As a black body entering such a space to perform, the necessity of reflecting on power, violence and race is a must.

Vinyago questions and reflects Germany’s colonial legacy. In doing so it doesn’t aim to provide answers but rather looks back - explores the explorer, gazes at the gazer and thereby unmasks museum as spaces with a violent history.

After the conclusion of the performances, the installation will be accessible until 08.01.2022.

Vinyago* kombiniert die Elemente Ausstellung, Tanz, Musik und Videokunst zu einer raumfüllenden, immersiven Installation.

  • Dauer: 01:30h
  • Humboldt Forum
  • Schloßplatz, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: Humboldt Forum - Ausstellungsfoyer. Schlossplatz, 10178 Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Preis 16,00 EUR / ermäßigt 8,00 EUR
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