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Sa, 17/12/2022, 15:30 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Improvisation / Performance

ONE TO ONE and ALL TOGETHER / Sabine Vogel & Bruno Faria

// Público Festival

As a venue focusing on new music, Acker Stadt Palast invites the fflautists and soundpainters Sabine Vogel and Bruno Faria with their interactive lecture performance: ONE TO ONE and ALL TOGETHER , a participative Soundpainting performance. „Soundpainting“ is a multidisciplinary sign language for real-time composition. In this performance the roles between performer and spectator are exchanged. The audience becomes the choir, some even the conductor, and takes the lead in a collective composition of sound and non-verbal language.

Soundpainting is the universal, multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists. Currently (2022), the language includes more than 1500 gestures signed by the sound painter (composer) to indicate the type of material desired by the performer. The creation of the composition is realized by the sound painter through the parameters of each set of signed gestures. The Soundpainting language was developed in 1974 by Walter Thompson in Woodstock, New York

by and with Sabine Vogel, Bruno Faria


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