Do, 24/11/2022, 20:30 Uhr
Komponierte Musik

SOUND PLASMA: Festival for alternative intonations

Dsilton trio with rare Clavitones, 31-tune guitars and drumset

  • Original music by Dsilton


Georg Vogel (Clavitones), David Dornig (31-tone guitars), Valentin Duit (drumset)

The music of Dsilton consists of energetic arrangements in 31 equal temperament with modulating rhythms. Concerning the techniques of composition and the frames for improvisation all pieces share together complex grooves and the extended tonality.

  • Einführung: Sound Plasma is a mini festival dedicated to music with alternative intonation, in broadest definition of the term. A subsidiary of Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, the festival has been happening annually in Berlin and Tallinn since 2017.
  • Ticketpreis: 10€ / 15€ Combi Ticket for 2 concerts in the same evening