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Mi, 14/09/2022, 20:00 Uhr


This trio of famous Ukrainian musicians was specially assembled for this “Jazz & Experimental” concert at PANDA Platforma. They had never performed together in such a lineup before.
Bassist, singer, composer and arranger Serhii Radzetskyi was born in Dnipro. Together with his brother, guitarist Dmytrо Radzetsky, he performed on the same stage with such musicians, as King Crimson (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter), Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ed Mann & Denny Walley (Frank Zappa Band), Dan McCafferty (Nazareth), John Lawton (Uriah Heep), Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz), Bang On a Can All-Stars. He tirelessly performs in many cities of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Israel, Great Britain, USA, France.
Pianist and composer Vitaliy Kyianytsia was born in Kyiv, where he started his musical education at the age of six. He is a graduate of the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine as a pianist and composer. Since 2017 he lives in Germany. Kyianytsia has received awards from the juries of several international competitions. As a pianist he performs jazz both as a soloist and with ensembles, also playing free-jazz and experimental jazz. His amazing debut album „Last Day of Spring”, which he recorded with Johannes Fink (bass) and Mathias Ruppnig (drums), was released in March 2022.
Eugene Kostyts is one of the most demanded and skilled drummers in Ukraine. He was born in Mariupol, and studied at the Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts. Kostyts performs with Jamala, KAZKA, LAUD.


Serhii Radzetskiy:

Vitaliy Kyianytsia:

Eugene Kostyts:


Serhii Radzetskiy (Ukraine), el bass
Vitalii Kyianytsia (Ukraine/Germany), keyboards, electronics
Eugene Kostyts (Ukraine), drums