Fr, 25/08/2017, 09:00 Uhr
Konzert / Diskurs / Performance / Offene Probe


Selbst-organisiertes Festival für Musik, Kunst und Theorie

HOFFNUNG 3000 is a festival for music, art and theory. But really, it is an experiment in social, artistic and theoretical collaboration. HOFFNUNG 3000 does not have any curatorial theme, instead we ask: How do we organise ourselves in our social, artistic & theoretical communities? In a way, HOFFNUNG 3000 is not simply a festival but more of a process of organising a festival, a festival that creates itself. Through each and every participant. All participant's activities will be anonymous. The audience is invited to take part in this festival experiment in Prenzlauer Berg and all over Berlin and the internet.


  • : »CHIARA«

  • : »GRAB IT!«

  • Dauer: 12h