Sa, 10/09/2022, 16:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Klangkunst / Sound Art / Konzert

Wanderlust Live

Madelyn Byrd is an artist, experimental musician, and DJ based in Berlin, DE. Valuing multi-sensorial concurrence, Byrd insists on a body of work that reveals beauty in the connections between all things. Their background in psychology and neuroaesthetics provides the theoretical framework for a playful, flow-based approach to a surreal and genre~less transdisciplinary practice.  Frequent collaborations serve as prefigurative test-sites where queer theory, ecology, and collective utopian dreamtanks can dissolve rigid classifications - from the binary to harmful hierarchies upheld by capitalism. Currently, they are investigating care networks, presence, relational aesthetics, and the ephemerality of intelligence of nonhumans, humans, and A.I. to appreciate the prismatic interrelatedness of natural and artificial realms. Often, their investigations materialize as unresolved utopia/dystopia paradoxes, absurd techno-cultural mirrors, and non-heirarchical seedlings for (micro)world-building and collective empowerment.

Madelyn’s musical moniker, Slowfoam, is an eclectic patchwork of contorted ecological soundscapes, sparkling ambiance, fuzzy poetics, and obfuscated jazz and pop. They have released albums and tracks with Jungle Gym Records, secondnature, Of Paradise, and Theory Therapy.

Byrd is a monthly resident at Internet Public Radio (Guadalajara, MX) and a founding member of Mold Collective, a post-capitalist, multidisciplinary art collective rooted in care.



Pablo Diserens is a field recordist, musician and artist devoted to non-human realities, attentive listening, and possible forms of interspecies coexistence. Through an ecologically engaged multidisciplinary creative practice, they investigate diverse biomes and acoustic occurrences with sonic and visual recording techniques. Their work blends sound, music, images, and text to emphasize deep listening gestures and interconnectedness. Here, sonic ecology, photographic, and electroacoustic forms bring the bio- and geological features of the explored environments to the foreground. By placing listeners into environmental propositions and (sur)realities, publications, live performances, and installations bear the potential to inspire individuals to shift their perspective and sense of scale while experiencing otherness and alternative forms of being, ultimately making listening a political act. In solidarity with a wounded planet, Diserens’ practice invites people to attune to the present moment in an attempt at rethinking caring strategies and our relationship with the world and its biotic communities.

Based in Berlin (Germany), Pablo Diserens is also the co-founder/curator of forms of minutiae, a publishing platform that supports a plurality of projects in the field of electroacoustic music, phonography, acoustic ecology and visual art.



Katharina Schmidt is a musician based in Berlin.

After years of playing drums and piano in various bands, her solo work is influenced by indie, experimental, and improvised music. Exploring interests in storytelling, sonic topographies, and generative techniques, her music uses electronics, field recordings, and self-built interfaces alongside acoustic instruments. From sonifications to lullabies, her work is poised between formal experimentation and narratives cued by literature and pop culture, and can be heard in installations, film music, and radiophonic pieces, as well as (upcoming) releases on labels such as enmossed, Flag Day Recordings, Vertical Music, and Slaapwel Records. Katharina holds a master’s degree in Sound Studies from the Berlin University of the Arts and is a resident at Cashmere Radio and SVS Radio. Katharina’s work has been presented internationally at a variety of festivals, venues, and galleries, most recently at Spectaculare Festival (Prague) and Amural Festival (Brașov) and Katharina has co-curated the finale of MaerzMusik in 2022.

  • Dauer: 02:00h
  • Cashmere Radio
  • Adresse auf Anfrage, Berlin