Fr, 14/10/2022, 20:00 Uhr
Elektronische Musik / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Cluster #21

Concert 1
Five Phenomenological Studies
An interdisciplinary performance based on Massobrio's compositional cycle for electric guitar, 'Five Phenomenological Studies', which unfolds a 30 minutes temporal experience through the interaction of gestural music, video projections and live typing.
Concert 2
All Sounds from Above and Underneath
A musical collage of personal sound memories and a reflection on the artist’s past collaborations, this piece contains snippets from different pieces, field recordings from travels and sounds that have been used in various projects, on which Forsberg sings and plays her violin, as a way to bridge the past and present.

  • Alessandro Massobrio: »Five Phenomenological Studies« E-Gitarren, Elektronik, Kassettenrekorder und Videoprojektionen (2004-2008)

Koole, Massobrio, Besegher

Matthias Koole, Gitarren, Elektronik
Alessandro Massobrio, Gitarren, Elektronik, Typing
Valentina Besegher, Live Visuals

  • Marta Forsberg: »All Sounds from Above and Underneath« Violine, Stimme, Field-Recordings

Marta Forsberg

Marta Forsberg, Violine, Stimme, Field-Recordings

  • Einführung: Doppelkonzert aus der von Labor Neunzehn kuratierten Reihe Cluster
  • Dauer: 02:00h
  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: kognitive Einschränkungen