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Di, 06/09/2022, 20:00 Uhr
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Talking Points | Ensemble du Bout du Monde

Unerhörte Musik

When will we get past the points of departure in asking „where do we begin?“ so that we can more importantly ask, „where do we start?“
„Talking“ Points is a program conceived by the Ensemble du Bout du Monde to more concretely explore this paradigm.
Through this program, you will hear different exploits of discourse from shouts to whispers to deadly silence and everything in between. Sometimes talking doesn‘t work out and a voice is left voidless and isolated. In the end, the conversation becomes less cloudy and furious and
more empathetic. Little by little, all voices start to work together to fulfill a common goal.
However, in retrospect, perhaps that goal was always there from the beginning but only
through discourse, conversation, and talking points could it become clear to everyone.

  • Iannis Xenakis: »XAS« für Saxophonquartett (1987)
  • Daniel Zlatkin: »On Discourse« für Saxophonquartett (2021, UA)
  • Samir Odeh-Tamimi: »Lámed II« für Baritonsaxophon solo (2017)
  • Ramon Lazkano: »Jalkin« für Saxophonquartett (2012)
  • Maria-Eugenia Luc: »Zeruan« für Saxophonquartett (2020, DE)

Ensemble du Bout du Monde

Noa Mick, Sopransaxophon
Simona Castria, Altsaxophon
Salvatore Castellano, Tenorsaxophon
Don-Paul Kahl, Baritonsaxophon

  • BKA-Theater
  • Mehringdamm 34, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: Sehbehinderung und Blindheit / motorische Einschränkungen
  • Ticketpreis: 9.- / 13.-
  • Kartenvorbestellung: 20 22 007
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