Brenda Alamilla
Sa, 17/09/2022 - Sa, 17/09/2022
Echtzeitmusik / Elektronische Musik / Improvisation / Longplay (Austellungen, Installationen, überlange Konzertformate)

Audiovisionen Special: Robyn Schulkowksy + Gebrüder Teichmann

Bend Time

Following up their debut album "Time Bends", Robyn Schulkowsky and the Teichmann brothers fulfil their long-awaited wish of a long durational concert. With the eight-hour performance, they invite you to participate in their musical processes.
World percussion meets Techno and Berlin club culture, one might be tempted to say. One would be wrong to do so. This is not just crossover, this is just not an „encounter“ between different generations, different experiences, different cultures, traditions and attitudes and form asossations of expressions, or, to put it in a more simple way, an „encounter“ between drums and gongs and bells and stones and on the other side hardware-electronic and sequencing, delay and reverb. This is far more complex. No need to put a label on it.
Listen to Time Bends:

  • : »Bend Time« (2022)

Robyn Schulkowsky, Gebrüder Teichmann

Robyn Schulkowsky, Percussion
Andi Teichmann, Live Elektronik
Hannes Teichmann, Live Elektronik

Zur Veröffentlichung Ihres Albums „Time Bends“ erfüllt sich das Trio den langersehnten Wunsch eines long durational Konzertes. Die achtstündige Performance lädt ein, an den musikalischen Prozessen zwischen Percussion und Elektronik teilzuhaben.

  • Dauer: 08:00h
  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Beginn: 14 Uhr
  • Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche
  • Rotherstrasse 10, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: motorische Einschränkungen