So, 10/07/2022, 18:00 Uhr
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QUEER CHEER Vol. 1 - community for "jazz" and improvised music

Panel & Music Act

QUEER CHEER Vol. 1 @Donau115 presents: SANNI EST

18:00 Panel: Queerness in "Jazz" and Improvised Music in Germany

20:30 Concert: Sanni Est - „Sanni Sings“

18:00 PANEL

"Queerness in „Jazz“ and Improvised Music in Germany“

An Exchange of Experiences & Empowerment of the Scenes for the Scenes and Beyond

We would like to talk about queerness in the context of music and exchange experiences of discrimination, empowerment and perspectives for a change. For this reason we invited incredibly inspiring guests to this kick-off event as a part of Berlin Jazz Week #4:

Guests: Achan Malonda & Vincent Bababoutilabo

Moderation: Erik Leuthäuser & Friede Merz

MALONDA (she/her) is a Berlin based singer, songwriter and electric pop diva whose work spans musical theater and her own self and co-written tracks. As well as creating music, she is a passionate anti racist and queer feminist activist. Singing and speaking out about topics such as gender, sexuality and diversity, Malonda is coming into her own as a political artist.

VINCENT BABABOUTILABO ist ein in Berlin lebender Musiker, Autor und Aktivist an der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Politik.

Er ist Mitglied in zahlreichen zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen wie bspw. dem NSU-Tribunal oder der Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD-Bund e.V.). Vincent ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Uni-Göttingen in einem Projekt, in dem zu Widerständigkeit, Kämpfen und Bewegungen von migrantischen und BPoC-Akteur*innen geforscht wird.

Zu seinen Veröffentlichungen gehören der Hörspaziergänge ZURÜCKerzählt, das Album "Rosa Shakur" und die rassismuskritische, musikpädagogische Schrift „Africa Bling Bling Hakuna Matata.“


Sanni Est - „Sanni Sings“

SANNI EST is a singer, performer and transmedia artist based in Berlin who challenges notions of knowledge, reason, normativity, and beauty with her voice and presence. Classically trained in Brazil as a singer and semiotician, Sanni has long since fucked with an education grounded in white, heteropatriarchal, christian and colonial values.

Sanni embraces the fecundity of darkness; both the artist’s own and the socio-cultural dynamics rooted in the etymological research around the dialectics of enlightenment.

Upon its global music release, PHOTOPHOBIA has manifested in different audiovisual formats including 3D animation, video manipulation and Virtual Reality.

For Jazzwochen#4, Sanni is presenting her new live show "Sanni Sings", a collection of reworks from her debut album "War in Her" as well as cover versions of songs by Moses Sumney, Blonde Redhead and others.

Who are the Organizers?

QUEER CHEER is a brand new Berlin based collective of queer musicians who are connected to the local jazz and improvised music scenes in various ways. Julia Kadel, Erik Leuthäuser, Friede Merz and Laura Winkler have come together with the desire and aim to build up a queer community in order to spread their vision to help creating safer spaces throughout the “jazz” scenes in Germany.

Queer Cheer was founded under the umbrella of the meta community collective FUTURE BLOOM, which places its work in the service and philosophy of intersectionality, multiperspectivity and interdisciplinarity.

Safer spaces are about to be brought to reality while focussing on the extraversion and celebration of queerness from within and amongst the „jazz“ and improvised music scenes in Germany.


Queer Cheer:

Future Bloom:

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Konzertbeginn 20:30 Uhr

  • Donau115
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