Sa, 11/06/2022, 12:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art / Konzert

Summer of Music: Vol I

London-based concert series SOLO presents violinist Rakhi Singh on June 11th in an intimate performance of music for violin and electronics. Originally staged in London back in November 2021, this concert sees music by composers such as Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon and Alex Groves in specially-created versions for Monom.
Rakhi's an award-winning musician who weaves her way between musical worlds, from classical and folk to contemporary and electronic. She is Music Director of Manchester Collective and regularly collaborates with artists from different genres, including Clark, Blackhaine, Abel Selaocoe, Pedro Maia and Vessel. SOLO is a melting pot of formative influences, dream collaborations and new adventures, exploring the music that's made each artist who they are today and giving you a unique insight into their life as a musician.
On this date, we will also present excerpts from Mensch, Music! #3 – Hotspot Earth concert performed during "Earth Day" on the radio Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB) under the extraordinary conduction of Vladimir Jurowski. Composers of all epochs have inevitably related to their environment, we see traces of that relationship in their music, where they discuss and describe the beauty of Nature, transience, destruction, but also hope. The Earth Day concert and program was the creative result of an intensive discussion of the RSB’s Vladimir Jurowski and Neil Barry Moss on the climate crisis. In Neil Barry Moss words: "It is certain that we are about to stand at a tipping point - a point of no return. But many people don't want to hear that anymore. This idea, that we simultaneously embody 'good and evil' was for me a key moment. I would like to draw a parallel as a scenic framework between the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues and thereby the question in the room: 'How much can we really do and is what we are doing enough?. Sound works will be presented as sound installations re imagined in 4DSOUND.
Before every session we will present a meditative soundscape produced by Soundworks, to recalibrate your senses.
During the day, we welcome you into the studio for an interactive experience of surrealistic interpretations of nature combined with music, from environments all over the world mixed in 4DSOUND. Children, poets, actors, singers, undercover performers, explorers, artists, non artists, everyone is welcome with no distinction to play, explore and interact. Open microphone and piano for the adventurous.
We will close the night with a flourish. Oliver Klostermann, conservatory pianist and resident electronic music producer of Kater Blau, will delight us with a live performance and a DJ set in the Monom Lounge which will be also spatialised in 4DSOUND simultaneously in our studio.

  • Live Performance & Sound Installation: »SOLO« (2022)


Rakhi Singh, Instrument
Monom Studios, 4DSOUND

An intimate performance of music for violin and electronics mixed in 4DSOUND.

  • Re imagining the classics

Excerpts from Mensch, Music! #3 – Hotspot Earth concert performed during "Earth Day" on the radio Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB) under the extraordinary conduction of Vladimir Jurowski.

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