The KISSA series puts a spotlight on Berlin-based labels in the realm of contemporary music during the Month of Contemporary Music.

The concept of the kissa, a listening bar, has a long tradition in Japan. Since the 1930s, intimate cafes have been serving listening sessions with selected records for the price of a coffee or a whiskey.

Following this concept, three labels present every Thursday their recent releases, all-time favourites or even wrongfully overlooked gems from their back catalogue in an intimate setting at different bars in Berlin.

Black Truffle, Hyperdelia, L_KW

Ana Conda/Beach Studios
Thu. 08.09.

Faitiche, Miasmah, Sonic Pieces

Wed - Sun
Thu 15.09.

Morphine, Vaagner/Vaknar, Prostir

Morphine Room
Thu 22.09.

Al Maslakh, Bohemian Drips, Subtext

Thurs. 29.09.

Thursdays | 17-20 hrs | Free admission
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