a barometer of current trends

With its approximately 150 events in 65 venues in just four weeks, the Month of Contemporary Music is not only more than comprehensive, but also a reliable barometer of current trends in the field of contemporary music.

A large number of projects at this year's sixth edition undertake musical and intermedial border crossings, seeking proximity to other genres and fields, and an in-depth exploration of new approaches to trans-traditional music. The growing urge of music to take a stand on social and political issues is also clearly noticeable: Many of the projects examine the relationship between art and activism, sound and ecology, and aspects of coming together from different perspectives. Contemporary chamber and organ music with numerous world premieres and Berlin specialities such as sound art, echtzeitmusik and improvisation are of course important components of this year’s programme, rounded out by two festivals dedicated to electro-acoustic music. Participatory formats and an opportunity for children offer hands-on involvement.