During the Month of Contemporary Music, Berlin's speciality echtzeitmusik can’t be missed! The Monday concerts in the Improvised & Experimental series at Hošek Contemporary are one opportunity to experience this form of improvised music. The "A" Trio, the oldest Lebanese improvisation group, starts its European tour at Improvisation International (1st Sep, exploratorium), the ongoing series where ZIMT will also play later in the month (29th Sep, exploratorium). SAWT OUT will play a little earlier on the 20th Sep, at Galilee Church. For the 57th edition of the Experimentik series, Andrea Parkins will meet Ignaz Schick (7th Sep, Tik). At biegungen im ausland (17th Sep), Alexandra Spence presents a new work that explores the relationships between bodies and water, real and imagined landscapes, sound and ecology, while Leider play fragile music that reflects the darker side of urban life.