Dependably offering new chamber music in a wide variety of forms are the concerts in the weekly Unerhörte Musik series every Tuesday, which for the month of September will feature Ensemble du Bout du Monde, Mangold, the duo Couck-Moore and Roberto Maqueda. In »Ringrauschen« (22nd Sep, Staatsoper), the composers of the Berlin-based association Atonale e. V. explore Wagner's music in several world premieres, performed by the Echo Ensemble. The Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion poses the ontological questions of being, reality, and existence with works by Elena Mendoza, Kee-Yong Chong, Lin Yang and Karen Tanaka. Zinc and Copper move in a musically completely different direction with the continuation of the series Well Tuned Brass (29th+30th September, KM28). At the centre of the artistic work of the extraordinary brass ensemble is the multi-layered exploration of microtonality and different tuning systems.

The concert »Invocation« by Kymia Kermani and Alba Gentili-Tedeschi with works by Clémence de Grandval to Susanne Stelzenbach (2nd Sep, Konzerthaus), the »Rencontres« between Zafraan Ensemble and Ensemble l'Itinéraire (8th Sep, Theater im Delphi) as well as the concert for solo piano by Fidan Aghayeva-Edler (16th Sep, Ölberg-Kirche) all pay tribute to CONTEMPORARY female composers, addressing existing gender imbalances in this field.