During the Month of Contemporary Music, Berlin’s independent scene will not only reflect on our relationship to each other, but also to our environment.
For example, the Reanimation Orchestra (17th Sep, Floating University) enters into a dialogue with the screeching and flapping sound generators of the immediate surroundings of the storm water storage basin, while the concert installation »flowers & frequencies« by AnA Maria Rodriguez (24th Sep, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT) examines the acoustic relationships between bees and flowers, and »obitop:biotope« by and with Ulrike Brand (9th Sep, Spandau Citadel) is dedicated to the tense relationship between the place of death and the place of life in the Renaissance military structure, which is a nature reserve and home to a bat colony. Meanwhile, in »Totes Holz« (29th Sep, ausland), Lena Mahler and Christina Ertl-Shirley trace the hidden and revealed qualities of dead wood along with the ecological and artistic questions inscribed in it, turning their investigations into scores, audiovisual sculptures, and sound portraits.