Recently, there has been a clearly noticeable tendency of music to get involved and take a stand concerning current social and political issues. Accordingly, these play a central role during this year's Month of Contemporary Music.

With the Journal Rappé, Keyti, who will give a workshop at KlangKunstBühne (3rd Sep), has developed a kind of citizen-art journalism with profound commentaries on political, social, and economic issues that connect art, activism, journalism. The Marc Sinan Company makes the history of forced labour in Berlin during the Nazi dictatorship audible in »Human Commodity« (17th Sep, Spreehalle Berlin), complemented by Sonic Bike tours by Kaffe Matthews (17th Sep, Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre).

With the second edition of the Y-E-S Fest (10th+11th Sep, Heizhaus), the Y-E-S collective questions the rationalised time regimes of the art business, focussing on the social aspect of Togetherness, without losing sight of musical discoveries: The festival will include workshops on the botany of Hildegard von Bingen and on choreographic activism in holiday areas as well as a headphone sound installation that deals with the architecture of public space. Marcela Lucatelli, Viola Yip, Jessie Marino, Ehsan Shayanfard, Lucien Danzeisen and many others will be taking part.

In general, there are numerous opportunities for PARTICIPATION within the framework of the Month of Contemporary Music. The Festival für selbstgebaute Musik (4th Sep, Holzmarkt), for example, would not work at all without the active involvement of the audience. The same is true for »Urban Miniatures«, for which DieOrdnungDerDinge invites passers-by to perceive everyday life in a new way (see Sound Walk Berlin).