The new music of our time is increasingly breaking away from Eurocentric traditions and concepts of music-making and composing. This September, the independent scene will provide a variety of answers to the question of what a new transtraditional music might sound like.
In the two editions of »Sonic Borderlines« at Acud, the Ghaith Al Shaar Trio and Marcinowska, Mayr and Pschichholz recombine and interpret historical styles from Arab and Central European music through a contemporary perspective (6th Sep). In the same series, Ensemble KNM Berlin and Yogeswaran Manickam, Shashwathi Jagadish and Jeremy Woodruff contrast 20th century classics with Carnatic music (25th Sep). Meanwhile, the Jeong Ga Ak Hoe festival (23rd+25rd Sep, ufaFabrik) brings early and new Korean music into harmony. The Kairos Quartett (25th Sep, Nicolaisaal + 30th Sep, Villa Elisabeth) and the modern art ensemble (30th Sep, Konzerthaus) are also inspired by (South) East Asian music. Kontraklang (10th Sep, St. Elisabethkirche) presents Will Guthrie's ensemble Nist-Nah and Pak Yan Lau's project Bakunawa, two contemporary European formations that expressly refer to gamelan in their music.