A large number of projects during this Month of Contemporary Music undertake musical and intermedial border crossings, seeking proximity to other genres and fields. These similar approaches, however, result in sometimes fundamentally different events.

An example of this is »eclecticism ∞ LUX:NM« (1st Sep, Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei). The ensemble LUX:NM, which specialises in new music, invites jazz musician Gebhard Ullmann and composer and video artist Nicole Lizée to extend their artistic practise. At the opening of the Month of Contemporary Music (2nd Sep, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT), the ensemble KNM Berlin will collaborate with the turntable duo Vinyl -terror and -horror. This is also the path the Zafraan Ensemble is taking when it brings in collaborators from other genres for its new series »Acud Session«, based on a log book developed by François Sarhan to reflect on these encounters. The first edition’s guest is classical soprano Dénise Beck (3rd Sep, acud macht neu). The series Kiezsalon (Alison Cotton, Dylan Henner and Ichiko Aoba, 7th Sep, HKW), Audiovisionen (Gebrüder Teichmann / Robyn Schulkowsky, 17th Sep, Zwinglikirche and Contagious, 22th Sep, Zwinglikirche) as well as Klappkart Rumpeln (18th Sep, Studio 764) have long made the coexistence of different musical styles the core of the programme. The DARA String Festival (10th+11th Sep, KM28), which ranges from early contemporary to experimental and freely improvised music, proves how genre boundaries can dissolve just by concentrating on string instruments. The radio play »Traumtext 2022« (17th Sep, Café hausZwei), based on a text by Heiner Müller, and the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop with »Tanz den Tanz« (18th+25th Sep), which enters into a dialogue with the artworks of the Hoffman Collection in the rooms of a former sewing machine factory before they are donated to the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden.