The KISSA series puts a spotlight on Berlin-based labels in the realm of contemporary music during the Month of Contemporary Music.

The concept of the kissa, a listening bar, has a long tradition in Japan. Since the 1930s, intimate cafes have been serving listening sessions with selected records for the price of a coffee or a whiskey.

Following this concept, three labels present every Thursday their recent releases, all-time favourites or even wrongfully overlooked gems from their back catalogue in an intimate setting at different bars in Berlin.

Thursdays | 17-20 hrs | Free admission
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Black Truffle, Hyperdelia, L_KW

Ana Conda/Uferstudios
Thursday 08.09.

Black Truffle was founded in 2009 by Oren Ambarchi in Australia. In the early days, the artist, who currently lives in Berlin, primarily released his own albums on the label, but in recent years more and more albums by other artists have been released there, including Julia Reidy, Ensemble Nist-Nah and crys cole.

Hyperdelia was founded in Berlin in 2016 and is run by Andreas Dzialocha and Malte Kobel. They have released albums by Swedish sound artist Kajsa Lindgren, and most recently an LP by Y-E-S member Stellan Veloce and a CD by Laurie Tompkins.

L_KW was founded in Berlin in 2016 and is collectively run by a number of sound artists from Berlin, including Ariel William Orah and Morgan Sully from Soydivision and Soy&Synth. Most recently, L_KW released the album »Alkisah« by the Indonesian group Senyawa and a digital release by the Berlin project grau&.

Faitiche, Miasmah, Sonic Pieces

Mi – So
Thursday 15.09.

faitiche was founded by Jan Jelinek in Berlin in 2008. Having previously released music by his own projects such as Ursula Bogner or collaborations with Masayoshi Fujita, Jelinek has recently put out albums by Nikolaienko or Frank Bretschneider through the imprint.

Miasmah was founded by Erik K. Skodvin in 2006. Since then, albums by his project Svarte Greiner and the group Deaf Center have been released there, as well as music by Clarice Jensen, Kaboom Karavan and most recently Mondkopf. Together with Monique Recknagel from Sonic Pieces, Skodvin also runs the record shop Mi – So in Schöneberg.

Sonic Pieces was founded in 2008 by Monique Recknagel in Berlin. Since then, mainly Berlin artists such as F.S. Blumm, Jasmine Guffond and Midori Hirano have released albums there as bespoke vinyl editions. Together with Erik K. Skodvin from Miasmah, Recknagel also runs the record shop Mi – So in Schöneberg.

Morphine, Vaagner/Vaknar, Prostir

Morphine Room
Thursday 22.09.

Morphine was founded in 2005 by Rabih Beaini in Italy before the artist relocated to Berlin. In addition to releases by his own project Morphosis, albums by Pauline Oliveros in collaboration with IONE, Senyawa and most recently by Contagious, Gordan and Mazen Kerbaj were released there.

Prostir was founded in 2018 by Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko, who are musically active together and solo under names such as Cluster Lizard, Zavoloka, Kotra and Variát. In 2022, the duo launched I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free, a sublabel specialising in reissues by artists such as Muslimgauze and Merzbow.

Vaagner and its sublabel Vaknar for releases on cassette were founded in Berlin in 2018, and two years later another sublabel, A Sunken Mall, was added. In addition to various compilations, albums by Angelo Harmsworth, Clarice Jensen, Ekin Fil, Sofie Birch, Kevin Drumm and most recently J. Carter were released through Vaagner and its imprints.

Al Maslakh, Bohemian Drips, Subtext

Thursday 29.09.

Al Maslakh is a label founded in Beirut in 2005 and run by the Berlin-based artist Mazen Kerbaj together with Sharif Sehnaoui. Following a collaboration LP between Kerbaj and Axel Dörner and a recent solo album by Sehnaoui, an album by the two with Raed Yassin with their joint project 'A' Trio, the oldest free improvisation group from Lebanon, will be released through Al Maslakh in early October.

bohemian drips was founded in 2011 by Alexander Meurer and Fillipp Vingerhoets in Berlin and specialises in site-specific or spatial compositions, as performed annually at the label's Speicher – a festival for site-specific music. After releases by Mazen Kerbaj, Tomoko Sauvage and Axel Dörner & Richard Scott, among others, a new album by Nabelóse, the joint project of Ingrid Schmoliner and Elena Kakaliagou, will be released on bohemian drips this autumn.

Subtext is a label originally founded in Bristol in 2004 by James Ginzburg, which has been run from Berlin since the Emptyset member relocated to the city. Recent releases include albums by Ellen Arkbro, KMRU & Aho Ssan as well as Myxomy, a collaboration between Ginzburg, who is also active as a solo artist, and musician Ziúr.

Thursdays | 17-20 hrs | Free admission
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