ExBerliner: Endless possibility: Month of Contemporary Music 2021

Perhaps the most exemplary installation of this year’s theme is in the Soundwalks. Guests are led on a musical dérive through Berlin with installations in different locations challenging us to reclaim the city as a space for art and re-encounter places that have slowly blended into the background of the urban mesh. Best of all, the preplanned routes are accessed by QR codes located around the city, lending this interactive installation yet another layer of adventure.

In a somewhat similar vein, Urban Morphologies (September 1, Silent Green) finds the Ensemble Mosaik soundtracking an audiovisual tour of Berlin, Los Angeles, and Basel – past, present, and possible future. A thought-provoking meditation on the sounds of gentrification, Urban Morphologies blurs the lines of physical space to invite you into those oft-ignored in between zones common to all large urban places and a chance to reassess what that universality means for the future of our cities.

Ein Beitrag von Damien Cummings, August 26, 2021

Link zum Beitrag